Saturday, June 20, 2009

Painting a day - getting into the habit

I've been following some people who have the tenacity and discipline to create a painting a day. They keep it small (about 6x6), but by no means simple - their work is amazing. My favourite one is Carol Marine's, , - her work is clean, fun, and very very good.

I've been telling myself I ought to try this (my works are quite a bit larger, the smallest being 16x20), as I've been away from painting for awhile now, and painting small but daily would get me back in the groove.

I tried one the other day - it's 2 days later and I keep looking at it. Maybe I'll start a 'painting every 3 days' movement - haha. But the desire is there - so I know I'll be going back again this weekend. It's like evry other habit - takes about 3 weeks to get established. But I'll say this - that small painting felt good!

To see other paintings by this amazing group of people, go to .

Try it yourself :-)

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