Monday, December 28, 2009

Gerry's Boy

This is Nicholas - a beautiful little boy with brilliant strawberry hair.  His dad, Gerry, and I work for the same department.  This year our department held a silent auction to raise money for charity.  I donated a certificate for a portrait to the auction, and Gerry's dad had the winining bid.

I got to see his little boy in person at the Christmas Eve Children's party - what a cutie! 

Nicholas' portrait is done in graphite, using sable brushes for the subtle shading. (The scanner exaggerates the contrast, the actual work is much more subtle and modulated).  His extraordinary high colouring cried out for a high-key treatment, and I was worried about getting his hair just right, but looking at it on my computer screen it shines like it does in real life, so I'm pretty pleased.  I wanted the focus to be on Nicholas, so his hoodie and turtleneck are subdued - fading out of the frame. 

Unfortunately the scanner picked up the smudges around the background - you can't see them in real life, honest! - so this image looks a bit peculiar.  But I will be taking a good photo for my reference and records, so this scan at least gives you an idea of  the portrait.

Drawing kids is fun. 

Have a Happy New Year, everyone, and I hope your Hollidays have been good.


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