Sunday, June 19, 2011

Early Morning on the Ottawa River

Early Morning on the Ottawa River,  2011
10x16 inches, pastel on Wallis paper
One early autumn day a few years ago my husband and I were on the shores of the Ottawa River at Petrie Island.  The sun had just risen, and the fog was starting to rise off the still-warm water.  There was a brisk breeze (and an early frost!) and the fog was skimming over the surface of the river, churned up by the wind.  It was quite a sight. 

The brown border you see is the actual colour of the Wallis paper.  I prefer this colour, called Belgium Mist (what does the brown say about the mists in Belgium, I wonder?).  Even in the beginning stages, when I'm just laying down broad washes of colour, everything looks so much more vibrant than if it were against a white background.

As the sun rose higher in the sky the mists burned off, and the river was just a river again.  But for a few minutes, it was magical.  I hope I brought that magic to the painting.



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