Sunday, October 2, 2011

No (r)Egrets

No (r)Egrets,  2011
5x7 inches, wax pastel on watercolour paper

I'm sitting at my PC in an ice-cold house (15C, about 59F, because it's too soon to turn on the heat, yes, it is), getting ready to post this blog before I go pick up my son Caleb and grandson Jade to go to the Butterfly Show at Carleton University.  My fingers are numb!  Can't wait to get into the warm, humid building full of live, free flying butterflies and moths!

I'm really enjoying wax pastels. What? Are they new? No - they're actually the Caran D'Ache Artist Crayons, which are no longer recognized as colored pencil media by the major organizations like CPSA, and so are now called wax pastels.

Any way ....  the above piece has been created specifically for the Wildcard  event - to be donated (if accepted/juried in to the event) in support of the Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre in Hudson, Quebec. It's based on a photo from Florida when I visited a few years ago - the egret was standing on some rocks on the seashore, and totally ignored me as I snapped photos :-)

The wax pastels, being reminiscent of my childhood crayon experience, allow for greater interpretation of scenes - hence the fuchsia and turquoise rendering of this magnificent bird.  And it's great fun, feeling the waxed pigment melt and move under your hand - very liberating!

Back to the Wildcard event - a worthwhile cause.  I strongly recommend supporting it, or whatever serves in your neck of the woods to rehabilitate wildlife. 

Gotta go - need to warm up before I set off to pick up my boys and see some jewelled beauties at the Butterfly Show.

Have a great weekend, everyone.



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