Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ally is my other niece, older sister to Ashley. She's 13, taller than I am by an inch, with thick curly hair and big soulful eyes.

I thought I'd try a high-key portrait this time, to see if I could bring out the inner personality using a minimum of medium (just noticed the juxtaposition of paradoxical terminology there -sheesh).

I think I was mostly successful, although I had trouble with the hair - wanted to keep the image light but still get across the colour. Ally's hair is a dark blonde/light brown colour, and in certain light can seem very dark indeed, yet other times appears to have very light highlights. I think I caught that quality, but it took some work.

I like her eyes the best - they talk to you - and they follow you around when you move! Always wondered how artists did that - now that I've done it, I still don't know how it's done...

Anyway, I'm still enjoying 'painting' with graphite pencil - laying down a layer or two of pencil and then using a brush to contour and sculpt. It's so soothing and time flies, especially when I listen to music at the same time.

My next project will be different - I've lined up someone with a very expressive old world face - I'm really going to have a good time painting him.

See you soon :-)

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