Friday, October 23, 2009


Dowry, 8"x10", 2009
Graphite and Charcoal on Dove Grey Maidstone
This is an experiment in combining graphite pencil with charcoal. I used the charcoal to get the darkest blacks - graphite never gets truly black, and if you press too hard it gets really, really shiny. Aargh.
The image is from a photo I took of antique baby shoes on a wedding veil with satin sheets. We were staying at an artist's house, and this was in one room. Everything had a warm yellowed hue, which is why I chose the dove grey paper. Pure white wouldn't have worked, or given quite the feeling I was trying to convey.
I must say I had quite a lovely time working on this piece - a little bit every day after work - and it grew slowly and easily inch by inch. I'm normally an instant gratification type of person, but this was such a wistful and soothing piece to work on - it's helped my patience immensely!
I had great fun with the lace! I have a small electric eraser that isn't easy to hold - it jumps around as soon as the eraser hits the paper - it was PERFECT for the random 'embroidery' on the veil. I recommend the electric eraser (the cheap 5$ plastic ones ) highly if you want a random yet realistic effect :-)
I hopeto have another portrait soon - have lined up a model (a friend) with an amazing profile - can't wait to start.
Until then - happy painting. Terry

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