Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Dasch Of Redundor

A few weeks ago I contacted an artist to commission a portrait of myself.  I love this artist's work, and wanted her to paint me.  We emailed back and forth; I answered her questions, sent her some photos, agreed to a price, and then I waited.

Today she sent me a photo of the completed painting, as an early birthday present (my birthday is tomorrow), and I am SOO HAPPY :-)  

A Dasch of Redundor
by Brenda York

(click on image to enlarge)

There is so much going on in the painting.  Brenda puts scribbles (writing) in the background, little snippets of my answers to her questions, the colours are so me, and she even put in my dog Dasch - a true gift, and a surprise.

The title is so apt - Dasch is my Red Tri Australian Shepherd, and I'm Redundor, the superhero who constantly states the obvious (my son named me one long car ride as we discussed what kind of modern superheroes we might be - that was a hilarious ride, the whole family got superhero monikers).

But the resemblance is amazing  - there are enough likenesses (she has my mouth, chin, and yes, my jowls down pat) that the abstracted parts are pure personality.  I held the photo up to my face and my son broke out in a huge grin - "yep, that's you, Mom".

The painting should be dry sometime next week,  and I expect to receive it sometime the week after, most likely.  I can't wait to see the original - it will be amazing, as the photo is wonderful.

Please check out Brenda's website - you'll love it.  Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to commission her yourself.....

Brenda - THANK YOU  :-)

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