Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dusk Returning

"Dusk Returning", 2011
7x10 inches, soft pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes
 This is Number 4 in the Gull series - finished yesterday evening.  I finally found a pencil sharpener that won't break the Derwent pastel pencil leads (a General's red sharpener), and now I'm on the hunt for more Derwent pastel pencils.

Seems my local art stores are no longer carrying them, in sets or open stock, because they're no longer selling well.  Everyone is buying sticks.  But I do small work and it's hard to sharpen a stick - well, actually, it's easy, but you lose so much pigment, especially if you want a point for the small details.  And sticks are so messy.

Hmmph... (Don't I sound like a curmudgeon, though?  I will most likely order from the States, where everything is available, so I guess I shouldn'tcomplain.)

Sprayed the pastel today, then watched Lust for Life, a 1956 film about Van Gogh, starring Kirk Douglas (Van Gogh) and Anthony Quinn (Gauguin). 

All in all, an artsy weekend, so I'm quite content to let the dog out one last time before I turn in.

Hope your weekend was good, too.  Till next time, folks.


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